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Tony Reissner

Tony Reissner

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Thursday, May 10, 2018 Tony Reissner Blog
Two-step verification adds a second level of security to your access to Exact Online. In addition to your user name and password, you enter a code that's generated by a mobile or desktop application. To install the Authenticator App watch the video below. {youtube}e0Ri3FvIKz8{/youtube}
Monday, April 23, 2018 Tony Reissner Blog
Making a start is the important bit as once we have started we tend to get immersed. In developing a solution, for example; designing an Excel template for users to fill their monthly expenses, the next step is getting it to a usable stage – it doesn’t have to be perfect (and don’t aim for perfection as you’ll never get there). Then test it with users using real information. Then make improvements and test it again.
Sunday, April 22, 2018 Tony Reissner Blog
There are some tasks that keep getting put off, they’re not urgent and don’t seem important so they stay on the job list. Then, eventually, many job lists later and when it has become urgent and is beginning to annoy; it’s time to work on it. Half an hour later and, ‘voila’, it wasn’t that difficult to do, it all seemed to make sense and was relatively easy. It turns out that the really hard part was just getting started!


Giving You More Control
A clear vision of current and desired procedures
Making Your Systems More Accurate & Timely
By ensuring that processes are clearly understood and addressing training needs
Clear Action Plans
That go into detail at each stage
Ideas to Reduce On-Going Costs
Looking at effective ways to reduce expenditure and save time without detriment to the organisation